“In her new book, Comma Sense, Ellen Sue Feld demystifies grammar with clarity, conciseness, and empathy.”
—Anu Garg, author and founder of Wordsmith.org

Mango Publishing, 2022

“I first learned of Ellen Feld’s impeccable command of all things grammatical when she was one of the wisest hires I ever made as the editor-in-chief of a business newspaper in New York City. More than three decades later I am thrilled—and yes, even still enlightened—to read her guide to the grammatical arts. I am, as well, delightedly entertained by her in the process. Comma Sense (the artfulness of that pun cum apt observation is typical of her) is a downright treasure of a book for all who write, read, or speak the English language.”
—Robert Olen Butler, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

 “Writing a simple memo is essential to success in the business world. So it’s astonishing how many college and professional school graduates can’t structure a simple sentence. As someone who’s corrected many a colleague’s work, I fervently hope Ellen Feld’s easy-to-read book will sit on many office desks. Its clear style and simple format make it an excellent reference. But I also hope that some enterprising grade school teachers will assign this to their classes. It’s so accessible, it could be an antidote to the American epidemic of graduating students who can’t write.”
—Dana Miller Ervin, former journalist for ABC and CBS News

“If you really want to go deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of grammar, then Comma Sense is for you. Ellen covers the basics like a pro and delivers practical examples to help you learn. You’ll never mess up ‘lie’ and ‘lay’ again!”
—Lisa Lepki, CMO at ProWritingAid

“Sadly neglected in public school education, grammar has become something that’s winged even by the most educated. What’s needed is a guidebook, and Ellen Feld has given us one, written by a writer, educator, and editor who knows the rules and communicates them with panache and an exemplary prose style. You'll actually enjoy learning English grammar while reading Comma Sense. And you may pick up a little something extra along the way.”
—Rick Mullin, senior editor of Chemical & Engineering News

 “If you're going to have one grammar book on your shelf, make it this one! Ellen’s explanations are clear, concise, and will get you writing or revising with confidence and zeal.”
—Dani Alcorn, COO at Writing Academy and cofounder of Writer's Secret Sauce

“Everything you need to know about grammar in less than 300 pages! If you write for a living, have dreams of becoming a proofreader, or just want to enhance your communication skills, Comma Sense is the book for you. As an editor, I’ve read countless grammar books, but Comma Sense is hands down my favorite. Ellen's book is full of fun, easy-to-understand examples and quizzes to test what you've learned. Who doesn’t love a quiz? Don't let this book out of your sight, because you're going to want to have it just within reach whenever you have a tricky grammar question!”
—Catherine Turner, editor and owner of Turner Proofreading

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