Grammar Lion: Editing

Good grammar doesn't make good writing, but good writing demands good grammar. 

Grammar Lion: Editing is a one-to-one editing service that offers expert proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, analysis, and commentary for a broad range of fiction and nonfiction works, including children's books, fantasy literature, magazine and blog articles, essays, website copy, educational materials, poetry, online courses, business books, and more.

Snapshot Bio:  Ellen Feld has been an online course creator and grammar instructor since 2002, with more than 44,000 students enrolled in her courses. She holds a master's degree in writing from the Johns Hopkins University and has taught college courses both online and in the traditional classroom, including creative writing, developmental writing, and English composition. Ellen has worked as a newspaper reporter and copy chief, personal essayist, website reviewer, and writing coach. Currently, she teaches online and works as a personal editor. Ellen created Grammar Lion in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your editorial rates?

A: The Editorial Freelancers Association serves as the guide for rates charged: Fees will be based on your needs, goals, turnaround time, and complexity of editing required but will always be market competitive.

Q: What can I expect in terms of turnaround time?

A: Your schedule will dictate turnaround time. Generally speaking, whatever your deadline is, if it’s achievable, Grammar Lion: Editing will help you meet the deadline.

Q: What special qualities can I expect from your service?

A: Editorial integrity. Grammatical expertise. Preservation of personal style and voice. And, most important: Personal care and full professional commitment.

Q: Why would I choose Grammar Lion: Editing over other editing services? 

A: Writing can be a lonely endeavor. The task of editing can feel mechanical and, sometimes, overwhelming. It helps to have someone to work with who can offer a personal touch. If you're looking for an experienced editor who will provide a quality finished product while serving as your trusted advisor to answer any of your questions, Grammar Lion: Editing is ready to partner with you.

Ellen’s experience as a college writing instructor and coach will provide you with the confidence you need to advance your work to final publication.

Q: Will you provide a sample edit?

A: Prospective customers may request a sample edit of up to 1,000 words to evaluate editing style and scope.

Q: How will we communicate?

A:  Email is best. Anytime. You'll get a quick reply. Phone meetings can be set up on an as-needed basis. Private messaging through Facebook is also welcome.

Q: Will you sign a nondisclosure agreement?

A: Yes, an NDA will be signed at your request.

Q: How will I pay? 

A: PayPal is preferred. Other payment methods can be arranged as well.

Q: Can you work with ESL writers? 

A: Yes! Ellen has worked with ESL students for years in both face-to-face and online classrooms, and as a professional editor. You can feel confident your work will represent you as sounding like a native English speaker.

Better your writing with Grammar Lion: Editing!

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