Grammar Lion to Keep

Grammar Lion
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Table of Contents

Ch 1. Parts of Speech: Meet the eight parts of speech.

Ch 2. Mixed-up Words: Recognize and correctly use commonly mixed-up words.

Ch 3. Contractions and Possessives: Gain command of the apostrophe to make contractions and possessives. 

Ch 4. Subjects and Predicates: Locate subjects and predicates, and understand their place in sentence structure.

Ch 5. Sentence Fragments: Spot sentence fragments, and rework them into complete sentences.

Ch 6. Run-on Sentences: Identify run-ons, and learn how to correct them. 

Ch 7. Standard Verb Forms: Get familiar with standard verb forms in simple and complex tenses. 

Ch 8. Pronouns: Discover pronoun groups and forms. 

Ch 9. Agreement: Ensure agreement between subjects and verbs, and pronouns and antecedents. 

Ch 10. Shifts in Person, Tense, and Structure: Maintain consistency in person, tense, and structure. 

Ch 11. Clarity, Concision, Diction, and Logic: Develop clear, concise, and logical sentences. 

Ch 12. Capitalization and Punctuation: Master basic rules of capitalization and punctuation.