Here's a sampling of what you'll learn:

  • homophones and other mixed-up words

  • contractions and possessives

  • sentence fragments and run-on sentences

  • standard verb forms in simple and complex tenses

  • agreement between subjects and verbs, and pronouns and antecedents

  • clarity, concision, and logic

  • capitalization and punctuation

What's included in your course:

  • 100+ lessons (Get ready to read, the best way to learn about English grammar!)

  • 23 quizzes (Self-assess throughout your course so you'll know where you're strong and what still needs work.)

  • skill-building assignments (Everybody needs practice, and Grammar Lion makes it fun.)

  • 24/7 course access (Enjoy 12 weeks of course time. During these weeks, go at your own pace through 12 chapters of grammar lessons.)

  • one-to-one instructor support (Ask questions through the course discussion forum or private email and get a reply within one business day.)

  • incredible resources (Download a PDF full of invaluable grammar resources.)

  • ongoing access to your instructor (The learning continues when your course time ends—stay in touch via email or Grammar Lion on Facebook.)

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Write Cleanly

    Strengthen your writing and storytelling with proper grammar.

  • Edit Your Work

    Use your understanding of grammar to spot errors and self-edit.

  • Gain Trust

    Inspire your readers to have confidence in everything you write.



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What students say about the course:

  • Detailed Answers

    "The Grammar Refresher class exceeded my expectations. The lessons were well written and explored the material in more depth than had I expected. As a result, I'm able to identify sentence structures like: run-ons and sentence fragments. The best part of the course was the discussion section. The teacher responded immediately to discussion questions with thoughtful, detailed answers. She was incredible! It was extremely helpful to be able to ask her to clarify troubling areas, or explain style differences." 

  • Most Valuable Course

    "I haven't taken that many on-line classes (five), but this has been, by far, the most valuable course to me, both educationally and personally. Your lessons and the added guidance have helped me to feel more confident about the grammar I use when I talk and write. Everyone in education should take this course each time they renew their certificate. I hope you are being greatly rewarded for your dedication to your job. This student very much appreciates it! Thank you!"

  • Down-to-Earth

    "One more thing I wanted to say before this forum closes: Thank you for your timely responses and down-to-earth, friendly tone in this discussion area. I suspect that you have several very large classes going on at once, and I really appreciate how you kept up with this forum. I always looked forward to reading your responses to my questions, not only because they were thoughtful and helpful, but also because they showed that you truly care about your students and their understanding of grammar. All the best to you, Ellen. I hope our paths cross again!"

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