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About the Course Creator of Beginning Writer’s Workshop

photo of Ann Linquist

Ann Linquist

Ann is  the author of two fantasy novels—The Glory Rites and The Old Powersand the book Beginning Writer’s Workbook.

She  is also the creator and past instructor of Beginning Writer’s Workshop. She continues to teach two online courses (Effective Business Writing and Writing Essentials) and has reached over 90,000 students worldwide since 2003. 

Here's a sampling of what you'll experience:

  • choosing a form (fiction, nonficiton, poetry, and more)

  • knowing your characters and what they have to say

  • trying out different points of view

  • exploring the power of detail and description

  • revising as discovery

  • writing to learn about yourself

Still not sure Beginning Writer's Workshop is right for you? 


photo of Ellen Feld

Ellen Feld

[email protected]

Ellen is the author of the book Comma Sense: Your Guide to Grammar Victory  (Mango Publishing, January 2022) and the children’s storybook Paragon and Jubilee (Edgecliff Press, February 2010).

She is an expert instructor. With 45K+ global students enrolled in her flagship Grammar Refresher, an industry leader since . . .

What Students Say

  • Don't Wait

    "Waited too long to take Ann’s class. But once I did, I enjoyed every moment. Lots of fun. Worked wonders on my imagination. You won’t regret enlightening your writing with her insights."

    ~Susan Murphy

  • You Can Too

    "The three most important words you’ll read in Ann Linquist’s Beginning Writer’s Workshop: You CAN write. Ann will show you. I wanted to be a writer so badly. But the fear of not being good enough kept me hiding on the sidelines. Ann said, 'Try it. There are others just like you. It’ll be fun. You won’t get hurt.' She was right. I had a ball! I practiced–a lot. And then, one day, I even called myself a writer. Trust me, you can write. Ann will show you. "
    ~Christine Gilliland

  • Inspiring

    "I took the plunge into exploring writing with BWW. Every lesson solidified the basics, broadened my abilities and inspired and challenged my skills. At the start, I questioned, 'Am I a writer?' and after I could say, 'I am a writer!'"

Ready to start writing?

You'll get all this and more in your course:

  • 100+ lessons (Get ready to read about writing, self-discovery, and methodology.)

  • skill-building prompts (Everybody needs practice, and Beginning Writer's Workshop will inspire you to jump in and keep writing.)

  • one-to-one support (Ask questions through the course discussion forum or private email and get a reply within one business day.)

  • certificate (Earn yours by engaging in each part of the course.)

  • critique (Share one of your writings for feedback.)

  • community (The learning continues when your course time ends—stay in touch via email or Grammar Lion on Facebook.)

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